All changes to the structure or yard in Cypress Island MUST be approved in advance by the Architecture Review Committee as outlined in our covenants. However, if a project is simply replacing or repainting the original with the same type or color as the original, then permission from us is not necessary. If you have any doubts, please ask before you do the work. The ARC goal is to maintain conformity within the neighborhood while allowing improvements to individual properties. However, sometimes recent decisions have established guidelines that the committee follows when processing those applications. These are guidelines established by recent applications:

  • Fences must be approved in advance according to our rules if a property owner wants a fence. They are not required to have a fence by our covenants. Since Cypress Island was developed in sections and each section varied in fencing, the committee used the existing fences in a given section to establish the rules for that section. They are as follows:  No fences are allowed on property adjoining the golf course. Cypress Island Drive and its cul-de-sacs are allowed a white picket fence up to 48 inches high. Cypress Island Drive houses that back up to the town home property are allowed 6 foot unstained wood privacy fences in the shadow box design. Trap Way and its cul-de-sacs are allowed 6 foot unstained wood privacy fences in the shadow box design. As you replace your existing fence, there is an issue that needs to be considered. We are aware that some of the fences in the neighborhood do not match the surveyed lines for property. New Hanover County regulations require that your fence be placed on or within the property lines for a lot. It is your responsibility to make sure the fence is on the correct lines for your lot. If you are not sure, get a survey before installing the fence. If the fence is incorrectly placed, it will be your responsibility to move it. We also require that all fences be professionally installed.
  • Flags: Small US Flags may be put on the mailbox if attached to the post by a clip attached to the mailbox post. No wood or other post or pole should be added to the mailbox. Small flags may also be displayed in a flower bed for holidays approved for flags such as Memorial Day and July 4th. Larger flags, not to exceed 3’x5’ may be displayed on a flag pole no taller than 15’ placed in a flower bed in the front yard. Shrubbery in the bed should be low enough that the flag does not touch them. If an existing bed does not exist for the pole, then application must be made to the Cypress Island Architecture Committee for approval to add a bed. Flags may be attached to the house at a 45* angle on a pole. Flags should be removed at night, or have a spotlight focused directly on the flag visible at night as outlined by US Flag protocol. The size restriction and placement refers to any flag that may be displayed on the property.
  • Mailboxes:
  • Hurricane shutters are not to be placed over windows, except when the area is threatened by a hurricane unless permission is granted by the HOA.
  • Bahama shutters are only allowed over one window or area that is an unoccupied part of the house such as a porch or garage.
  • Trees can only be removed with prior permission from the ARC. We prefer that residents only remove dead or diseased trees, but will accept applications for removal for other reasons.
  • Private pools are not allowed in Cypress Island. A community pool is provided for residents to enjoy.
  • Planting around utilities… Please remember that when planting around utility boxes, such as electrical, water or cable, plantings need to allow access to these boxes. Plants chosen should not encroach on these utilities or have root systems that will interfere with them. The utility companies will remove or cut plants that they deem interfere with their boxes.
  • Edging around beds… Edging materials should be approved before installation and should be kept to no more than two layers high.
  • THA- The THA board does not want us approving any changes to the outside of the structure without their approval. A couple of decorative items may be added to the beds, as long as they do not interfere with maintenance.  However if additional changes are desired homeowners can apply to the adopt-a-bed program through the Beautification Committee to adopt the bed. Shrubbery additions or removal still needs to be approved by the THA.
  1. No one, without the approval of the Architectural Committee, shall alter the exterior of a building, yard or install a building. Applications are available by calling Blue Atlantic Management.
  1. Failure to submit a request to the Architectural Review Committee and get approval before proceeding with any additions, deletions or alterations may result in a fine. This fine is applicable regardless of whether the additions or alterations are subsequently approved (reference NCGS47F).
  1. If the additions or alterations are already underway or complete; and do not get subsequent approval the owner must remove any additions or undo the alterations, as deemed necessary by the Architectural Review Committee to come into compliance with the Covenants and Restrictions and Architectural Guidelines. This must be completed in a time frame specified by the Architectural Review Committee, or the owner will be fined $25 per day, accruing until the violation has been corrected. These fines are payable immediately upon receipt of ratification pursuant to the Association’s collection policy (reference NCGS 47F).