Any person who may be physically challenged may request permission to use an electric golf cart on the Cypress Island Golf Course for play only. The permission form will be submitted to the golf committee for approval. Submit the form to Dick Dixon at 9404 Short Putt Court. The phone number for Dick Dixon is 793-5990. A letter from your doctor may also be requested.


The golf cart will be inspected annually by the golf committee and approved for use on the course.

The golf cart may not be driven on any green or tee at any time. It must only be used for golf. It must be kept away from the ponds and off the slope near the ponds.

Entry and exit from the course will be by the tennis courts. The cart must be driven by the applicant or a licensed driver. If any damage is done to the golf course by the golf cart, the owner of the golf cart will be responsible to pay all damages.

The golf course will be closed to all golf carts for play on rain, sleet, and snow days. Carts may not be used on the course if any frost is on the course or the temperature is 32 degrees or below.

The golf cart is not to be driven into any beds or on homeowner’s property. Please keep the golf cart on the course.

If any rules are broken on the course that involves the golf cart, a fine will be issued of $100 and use of the golf cart will be restricted until the fine is paid and any damages have been paid.